Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Last Day of Freedom
Before the Evil Dwarf returns............... I am not looking forward to this, since after three weeks of absence, he is bound to be in the mood to throw his weight around. Really he is the rudest, most overbearing boss I have ever had, he has the complete Napoleon Syndrome that short men often get. Not that he is really my boss, just for the duration of this project - if it were permanent, I would certainly be looking for another job. As it is, I think everyone on this project has said they don't want to work with him again.

So what to do on this last day of freedom? Well, I have one decision sheet to revise and one to finish, also a meeting to discuss the Process Analysis Report. This is supposed to be finished by the 15th of January, some hope. I was reading another stitcher's blog, and she takes her embroidery to work with her to do between phone calls, I wish! I guess my job is so different from that, and really I do enjoy it normally, it is just that on this project there is the horror of the Evil Dwarf.

Last night I went home about 7pm and didn't do much - ate some baked potato and village salad, watched the news in Greek, did some washing and did Kakuro puzzles until about 11pm. That's the trouble when you get out of work so late, and I never get out much earlier than 7pm. Today I've started at 8:15 am, and it's possible I won't get out until 8pm.

That said, I would like to do some stitching tonight, or maybe knit some more of my alpaca scarf that I would like to have finished by the weekend so that I can stitch the flowers on it. This is one of the kits from La Droguerie that I got for Christmas, the other is a crochet one of flowers that get sewn together to make a scarf. I don't do a lot of crochet, but this I can manage.

I haven't brought back a lot of stitching - the La ruche kit I have had trouble getting started, also a Sue Hawkins spot sampler that has been half-stitched for ages (the Queen Stitch is one of the few things left, surprise, surprise).
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