Thursday, January 05, 2006
Some Progress
Did some more of my Sue Hawkins spot sampler last night, I can see why I put it aside for so long. The directions, the chart and the photo do not match at all! There is a drawn thread square where it tells you to withdraw threads in groups of two, leaving two in between, but the instructions and diagram for needleweaving are over four! Well, I shall just have to try and work this out this weekend in the daylight. It is getting dark here at 5pm lately, and the lighting in my flat is not great. I wouldn't imagine there's any possibility of buying a daylight lamp in Nicosia, in fact I am going off after work to try and buy a decent pair of embroidery scissors, as I have left mine in Paris, and this is causing some trepidation. No specialist embroidery shops in Nicosia!

There is a three-day weekend, as tomorrow is a holiday........ I am going downtown tomorrow, as there will be some sort of celebration in Elftheria Square. Apart from that, I intend to devote most of my time to being at home and stitching or knitting or even doing the boring old ironing and some tidying up. I haven't got anything much to read, I run out of books quickly here.
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