Sunday, January 08, 2006
Rainy Sunday in Cyprus
Yes, it does sometimes rain here (notwithstanding the snotty assistant in Debenhams who told me last year they didn't sell umbrellas becaused it never rained), and this morning it was pouring down.......... it has cleared up now, at about midday. I am at work briefly, but I'm going to take my stuff home and do it later, so I can stitch instead until the light goes.

These three-day weekends are rather boring when there's no-one you know in town, and it's cold and gets dark at 5pm. The only person I know here is Nicky, of course, and I don't really think he wants to spend weekends with me as well as all week.

I have done a fair bit of stitching, I finished the beading on a Just Nan Filagree Fancy that I started before Christmas, and have made some inroads into the Inglestone sampler. And I have cast off the La Droguerie striped mohair scarf, only need to darn in ends and sew on the flowers. I like it, but I always find going to La Droguerie is such an effort. You have to stand in a long queue, more than one long queue if you want things from different areas of the shop, then another long queue to pay. It's not the sort of place you can go and help yourself to whatever you want and then pay for it, oh no, you have to speak to a "counsellor" to get most stuff, I think they would freak if you started taking the number of skeins you wanted from the wall where they are on hooks. It's marginally better managed at the branch inside Le Bon Marche, but they don't have all the knitting stuff there, which is why I had to go to the main shop to get the scarf kits.

The sun is still shining, so I think I'll take the opportunity to go home and do some more of the Inglestone sampler. Perhaps I should bring all UFOs to Cyprus? If I stay here long enough, I should get them all finished.
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  • At 9:24 pm, Blogger AnneS

    Thanks for posting on my blog :) It's amazing where Kiwis turn up in the world ... Cyprus isn't one I would have thought of ;P I spent a week at Paphos a few years ago, and loved it - because I was on my own the Manager of the taverna I used to go to gave me a Cypriot brandy every night (Three Kings) and kept making sure I was OK during the meal ... I loved my holiday there! I also bought one small piece of embroidery from a village in the Troodos mountains for Mum - just lovely. Hope you enjoy your time there ... even though the stitching supply situation is grim! :)