Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Back At Work
Just about to start the third day of the working week, and I hope it is more productive than the other two. I came back to find a system that has serious problems, and I am not sure exactly what has been going on in my absence..... I am doing what I can to find the causes, but it all seems to be techie stuff. Or most of it, I have answered a few million questions about business things as well.

We have a new guy, a contractor, who sits across from me where Suzette should be - he's rather sweet, French, he's worked a lot with Alec before. Suzette is still stuck at home, as they are still processing her work permit, it could take weeks apparently. She went to Vietnam for the weekend, shopping! Typical Suzette, she is a champion shopper.

It's taking me over an hour in the morning to get here - if I leave about 7:30, I can get here about 8:40, and getting home again takes at least that long. Last night I went to the supermarket on the way, so it was 8pm before I got in - I'm leaving here about six. Today I am leaving early, hooray, because I am having a facial at 6pm in the city. I've simply told Gil I have regular dermatology appointments, which is not strictly true, but this is necessary, because I've already noticed that my skin looks less clear after coming back from the mountains.

At night I am doing very little, pressing on with "Garden of Life" for David, and that's about it, apart from eating, watching the news and having baths..... I hope I don't get too exhausted by the weekend. I long for my five-minute walk to work in Nicosia, this commuting is such a bore.
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  • At 6:56 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Well, facials deal with your epidermis, so you're not stretching the truth tooooo far, LOL
    Oh, to be able to walk to work. WOuld be bliss.
    Keep on stitching and post a progress pic!