Friday, August 10, 2007
In der Schweiz
I got up so early this morning to catch the train, and when I got to Gare de l'Est, the main entrance was blocked because of a suspicious parcel. It was a bag sitting on a seat (naturally in the main waiting area, so there wasn't anywhere to sit down while I waited for the train), and they had blocked this off, with a lot of police standing there and looking at it. It was still there when my train pulled out, as far as I could see.

The train was crowded until Strasbourg, then fairly empty for the rest of the way. Eastern France is well and truly under water, we saw flooded fields everywhere. In Switzerland the road and railway through to Fribourg are still closed as well, but elsewhere it does not seem too bad. The train was not as sparkling new as I expected, they could do with cleaning it a bit more, I think, also it is still not as spacious as the German trains, I think this is a French thing, to cram everything together. But it was still rather nice, and so fast, yet so smooth. It is the fastest TGV.

Hotel is also nice, in the middle of the Old Town, which is picturesque, but the shops are crummy, the good shops are over the bridges not far away. I have a courtyard room, which is good, because tomorrow is the techno Street Parade, they say this is huge. So there's a lot of funny-looking people in town, it's rather amusing. Apart from that, it seems a quiet city. I had dinner in a restaurant where there was practically no-one else, and all the restaurants seem to be like that. Lovely calves liver with roesti and spinach, I love calves liver, and this was done just right, with crunchy bits and herbs. I may need a repeat tomorrow.

Tomorrow it is sightseeing and shopping, and avoiding the Street Parade - I plan to steer clear of the Old Town in fact, and go over to the other side and even go up a small mountain. It would be a plus if I could find a needlework shop or yarn shop that is open in August, but that may be asking too much. My advice to stitchers who come to Europe is, do not do so in August!
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