Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Countdown to Holidays
Only three days of work after today before my holiday! I can hardly wait....

We are exceptionally busy this week, doing configuration, that is, to say, me, Casey and the new trainee, Rachida. Another one of what David calls my "daughter figures". I heard today that they are trying to get someone to help with configuration while I am away, and wonder of wonders, it is actually a man, this is very unusual for this project. I have also just overheard Casey telling Rachida that she is very lucky to get to sit by me and have me explain to her what to do in detail! It is Casey's last day with us today, she has to go back to her other project tomorrow.

Poor Suzette is not having fun, she has to work with Madame LA on designs, you can guess who is actually doing them. Madame LA is not talking to me at all, not sure why, but do not care. Also do not have the client on my back, only Tom, who enquires every five minutes how we are going. Actually we are ahead of schedule, so he is pretty happy... I'm surprised we are ahead, and I am surprised that I am doing so well, with two young girls asking me questions every three seconds. Normally I would find this quite trying, but I seem to be answering politely and to their satisfaction, as everyone on my side of the partition looks happy. This must be the combined effect of a huge amount of medication, plus the upcoming holidays.

To add to the general effect of well-being, the metro and the bus are empty this week, as a lot of people have gone on holiday already. In France everyone goes on holiday at the same time, so Paris empties out and there are traffic jams in the South of France instead. Also a lot of shops close, the bakery and the other sandwich shop near this office are closed, also the newsagent - they will be closed for at least three weeks, maybe a month. In fact there are also fewer trains and buses, but the general emptiness is quite welcome to me - I can spread out a bit and do more of the Sampler Lady (LHN) that is my train project this week. She is going well, a fun stitch, it seems all these LHN / CCB ones are ideal when you have not much time or energy.

Over the weekend, I worked out that I do not have to buy the incredibly expensive thread kit for QOTN Bluebird Box, I have all except five of the colours in my stash! Now just to figure out where to get those in France, I am fairly sure I cannot just go to AVAS and buy them there, but it's difficult now that so many stores have closed here. I guess I'll have to look around during the holidays....
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