Monday, July 09, 2007
Very silly, I still can't put titles on my posts, I wonder why? Blogger Help no help, as usual!

Today was incredibly exhausting, we were supposed to have two meetings, 9am to 11am, and 3pm to 5pm - we went from 9:20 to 1pm, then from 3pm to 7:10pm. I got home after 9pm. Plus we covered half the agenda, so that means the whole thing is taking four times as long as was planned. Goodness knows when we will finish. I am going to have the mother of all headaches if I have to listen to them talking all week. I myself do not seem to be allowed to say anything much.

Casey started today, I picked her up from the train station and showed her the bus to catch. She is actually supposed to be there to help me, but all I could do today was to throw her the report and say to start reading.... at least when we get back on to the spreadsheet, she will be able to make a good contribution. She is a very sweet little girl - tiny, five nothing and weighs about 40 kilos, so petite, she makes the rest of us look like oxen.

Tomorrow is another 6am wake-up, and must leave the house before 7am, to avoid the rush. Coming home late tonight was not pleasant, the bus I catch is a suburban one, and let us say the clientele are not what I am used to. There are suburbs and suburbs!

Well, I will see if I can put another few stitches into my Daisy sampler - also managed to do eight rows of sock knitting on the train today!
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  • At 10:30 pm, Blogger Solstitches

    I read somewhere that the problem with the titles is a known fault. Blogger advise you to point the mouse at the top rather than in the middle of the title field.
    Hope it will work for you.

  • At 10:34 pm, Blogger Solstitches

    Your stitching is beautiful! I had found my way to your blog because I Googled for AMAP Pochette Quaker 1. I'm stitching this and have never seen it finished. I was hoping to see a picture of yours.
    Will go check back further.