Thursday, June 21, 2007
New Laptop!
I just got it yesterday, although it has been sitting here waiting for a week and a half for me - yesterday was our first day in the new building in the suburbs. It is a Dell Latitude D420, and it is so, so light, I hope this will mean bye. bye backache. I was up last night transferring to it all the stuff I need for today, which has worked fairly well, although this morning I brilliantly brought the wrong power pack to work, so I will need to use Suzette's at some stage. Also I have just realised that I really need a new handbag that will fit this new baby in it, plus the stitching etc etc. I don't need to carry around an enormous tote bag any more, good news.

As well as the actual laptop, there is a "media base" i.e. a docking station that has the DVD drive and a few other bits and pieces - I wouldn't carry that around on a daily basis, but in fact it is very slim, fits on the bottom of the machine, and doesn't add too much to the weight. All in all, it weighs so much less than the T43.

Of course I did stay up last night very late to load up this machine, so I am incredibly tired, especially after doing 10 hours of translation on Sunday.... and I have heaps to do this week. Madame is in the US this week, which makes things a little more relaxed, but still she does write emails expecting me to do all sorts of things. Most of which I am not doing! I am going to do what the PD asks me to do - which he always consults me about.... he is reasonable, but firm, and he did actually thank me for doing the translation over the weekend.

Tonight I am going to do some more transferring of files, hopefully I can get all of this done over the weekend, then send the dinosaur back to the resources director next week. My ambition is to try and go home early tomorrow, and sort out my life to be normal again!
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