Friday, May 25, 2007
Sort of panic, anyway, I've realised exactly how much I have to do before I go back to work.... I just took a whole lot of clothes to the drycleaner and made them promise I could have them tomorrow evening. Now I am at McDonalds, I will be very happy in June when the Mairie of Paris installs wifi in parks and gardens, I am sure I will be able to find a suitable spot near me to sit and work or whatever...

After this, I am going to the epilation and to the foot place, hopefully both of them will not be too busy. Actually my feet really took a beating in London, so I need a pedicure badly, the little Thai lady will tut-tut when she sees them. I have a hair appointment booked for tomorrow at 10am, so at least I will be properly groomed - for once - when I go back to work.

I went to Muji yesterday and bought some plastic boxes to keep the bathroom stuff in, and two rattan baskets for stash, I am trying to sort out my charts at present. I think I may go back today and get some more of both, the bathroom looks heaps better already. Sometimes it is a real problem having such a small apartment, but then think of how much cleaning I don't have to do!

David sent me email while I was away, he is spending two weeks in Belfast - he wanted to go to Dublin, so I guess he got near! He will go to Utrecht after that, I think, goodness I wish I was going too.... Madame LA will probably be cross with me on Monday because I didn't get all her shopping. It would be so much more straightforward and practical to be working with my friends again....
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