Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Holidays are Here!
And Kathryn in NZ tagged me.......... to tell 8 things you don't know about me, I have just time to do this before catching the train tomorrow!

1) When I was at university, I worked as a cocktail bartender in a nightclub for years, so I am very good at making cocktails and I know quite a bit about some aspects of nightlife that you would never guess.
2) I am petrified of flying, and only do it under duress for work, or in vain attempts to conquer my fear. I therefore have a staggering number of unused frequent flyer points.
3) I am not at all athletic, but I played cricket for my university.
4) I have a MA with double Hons in Ancient Greek and Latin, and my ambition is to do a PhD at the Sorbonne when I retire from being a business architect.
5) I have terrible trouble sleeping and the slightest noise will wake me, this is after many years spent on 24 hour call and answering calls in the middle of the night.
6) I am so addicted to pink that our office manager will extract everything pink from the incoming stationery orders and put it on my desk.
7) My best friend David and I play silly games with soft toys (he has a moose, and I have a lion and a rabbit), they write letters to each other and send postcards when they are on holiday. Yes, I know I am 51 and David is 59!
8) I am really quite fond of MacDonalds, and go there about once a week - I know, I know!

I am not going to tag anyone else, I think everyone I know has answered this already - or everyone I know I know! If you haven't, please feel free...

It was good to have a day today where I didn't have to get up for work, I was in there before 8am the last two days, writing madly. However much I try, I can't do a whole chapter a day. I left the others with a lot of notes, I guess Suzette will inherit the task of putting them together. Her parents arrive this afternoon for two weeks, she is really happy about this. They are both accountants, and her three siblings all work in IT. In fact her younger sister works for us as well, I didn't realise they were related, her surname is not quite Smith, but just about.

I spoke to Leo on the phone today, I had a missed call from him, but he had solved his problem before I called back, so we just had a chat. He is in the Netherlands, and enjoying his new project. He says there are no street kittens there, they all live in family comfort. I have threatened to send some from Cyprus to lodge with him while they find new homes with kind Dutch families.

I went to Le Bon Marche to buy a new suitcase - a little one on wheels, from Mr Kipling, in a lilac and white flower print, with matching embroidery and book bag that slips over the handle. Apart from that I have done nothing all day, except some more of Thread Gathering. Just what the doctor ordered!

So tomorrow I am on the train at 10:30 and in London before lunch. I must remember to speak English there! When I am out and about, French is second-nature to me now. I don't know what I'll do in the afternoon after I find my hotel (which is near Bayswater tube), maybe a first look at the V&A, or maybe some shopping. I am taking heaps of stitching with me, but I will go to Liberty's all the same, who knows what I will find there? And I have a couple of addresses for knitting yarns as well.

I won't be posting again for about a week, as I am NOT taking the computer with me, partly because it is so heavy and partly because I don't want them to think I am working there, I nearly got arrested the last time I went to the UK with a computer.
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  • At 11:19 pm, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Have a fabulous, fabulous time Ally. I guess this comment will be waiting for you when you return, so welcome back :)