Saturday, May 05, 2007
Anyone Speak Finnish?
I certainly don't! But everything here is in Swedish as well (which I can understand, sort of, and even make a fool of myself trying to speak it), and at the hotel and in shops they all speak English, very good English, actually, with a lovely accent.

Finnair is to be recommended, and I had a comfortable seat near the front, a whole row to myself. I was a bit worried, because they were piling people on, I think economy was totally packed, but the front was fairly empty, the way I like it. I did not suffer as much panic on take-off and landing as usual, or indeed during the flight. Part of the reason I am sure is that I had no visa worries, as I used to with Cyprus, I knew I would just walk off the plane into the street without a problem. Great lunch also, pate, fish and apple pie, everything seemed fresh.

My hotel is right in the centre, opposite the department store Stockmann - I already walked over there and bought some magazines, including Knitters and Cross-Stitch & Needlework - which has an article about the Sweetheart Tree and a nice sampler. Of course I also had to get a shrimp open sandwich which I have just eaten, delicious.

For anyone from Melbourne, guess what colour the trams are here? Green and yellow, they look just like Melbourne ones. That is, if they are still the same colour as when I lived there (pre-2001).

I see I have a new commenter, Kathryn from Auckland - I lived in Auckland a long time ago, 1969 to 1973 and again 1980-1981. Those were the secondary school years (Epsom) and a couple of years at Auckland University as well. I feel guilty encouraging you to buy things, but Lady Scarlet is just so adorable you will not regret it!
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  • At 7:21 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    I'm so tickled you noticed me! I went to Auckland University '85-87.
    I found your blog on Judith in NL's blog, and her I know from 2muchXS. DOn't feel guilty about enabling - that group does it ALL THE TIME.
    Just you continue to have a wonderful marvelous holiday :)