Friday, May 04, 2007
Friday at Last
This week I wrote about 100 pages.... not all of it is really great, actually but we have to deliver the first draft on Monday at 9am. And I will not be here, I will be in Helsinki.

I was rather worried about Helsinki, because I thought I would not be able to print out my e-ticket - we have no printers in this office that are working, so I went off to the local photocopy place and sweet-talked the man there into logging on to my email and printing the ticket! The boss subsequently noticed that there were no printers working and yelled at the receptionist (they don't get on at all), and there will be a man coming on Monday. Allegedly, but I'd be surprised if anyone turned up, given that it's another long weekend.

So I have my ticket, and I have a hotel with wireless LAN booked, now I just need to pack and get some money from the bank. I am taking handluggage only, so it is back to burying the scissors in the middle of several folds of linen (seems to work), and deciding how I can manage for a weekend with only a plastic bag of toiletries.

And I hope I get to do a bit of sightseeing, let's see how I go. At least it will be nice to be somewhere cooler, and somewhere where I have a nice big space to relax in for a while (I am sure the hotel room will be bigger than my apartment!).
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  • At 11:53 am, Blogger Kathryn in NZ

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Helsinki.
    And thanks for sharing your stash hauls recently, in particular Lady Scarlet (which I have now ordered!!). Chalk up some enabling points :)