Thursday, April 26, 2007
Waves of Tiredness
It has been a hard week.......... two days in the Far East of Paris, one and a half days at La Defense, then this afternoon back to the client again. Tomorrow in my own desk at La Defense, and back to writing.

We have a huge problem with our overall design, how to represent things in the system, but I have had some ideas today, they are milling around in my head, and I will be able to draw them tomorrow, I think. Then we will see if they are robust. It seems to be up to me to have these ideas, Madame LA only goes so far with her vision. Anyway I will sit down tomorrow with the data dictionary, and draw, we will see what we have got. I already had a couple of minor ideas that solved something that had been causing a problem conceptually, so it would be good if mine was also the major idea.

I have done so little stitching, a few stitches in Thread Gathering, but I have this four day weekend, followed by the O Orientation Day. There will be some work, but there will also be sleep and stitching. And I also did this crazy thing for next weekend, another four day weekend. I booked a trip to Helsinki, business class, using my Qantas FF points, which have just been languishing for a couple of years. So it made sense to use them, and they are partners with Finnair and Iberia, so that means Finland and Spain from Paris. The first trip is Finland, I will go up on Saturday arriving mid-afternoon and leave mid-afternoon on Monday. Just right for a 48 hour Helsinki card! It cost me £30 in charges to book, and a good hotel will be about 200€, I think. I will see the sights and see what they have in the way of shops etc. The flight is three hours, so it will be nice to be up front. I thought also of going to Spain in August, if I can, just fly there, travel around and fly back, they have Madrid and Barcelona from here. I have been to Spain a couple of years ago, but just for a week to a spa in Torremolinos (which was nice out of season), so I want to go back and do all the history things.

Sorry no real stitching update - I feel sorry for my loyal readers, of whom I know there are a few, they are just getting the daily meanderings of a very tired business architect, and I know you are not interested in utility billing systems, my mother always tells me not to talk about electricity or meters, but there we are. I am now going to go and watch Julie Lescaut on TV and let my ideas mill around. Sleep in tomorrow, go and draw stuff in the office, and then it's the weekend. More interesting stuff then, I hope.
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  • At 9:15 am, Anonymous Anne S

    Hey, don't beat yourself up, we all have those days ... and you should be able to prattle on about anything you desire on your own blog (I know I do haha). OK, here's one word that should cheer you up ... "Nicky" ... did that work? LOL. Hope you enjoy your trip to Helsinki - sounds like just what the doctor ordered! :D