Thursday, April 19, 2007
At My Real Desk
I am at La Defense today, in my real desk - not that I will have a real desk much longer, when we move to O (the one who has taken use over), we will not have desks assigned to us. Well, only the people who always work in the office will, those of us who are travellers will have to use a pool desk. I hate this system, it can be very inefficient if you have to go around looking for a desk. Our boss says that there are plenty, so I hope he is correct. It is further out than La Defense, so I wouldn't want to go there and find there was nowhere to sit, it would be an hour home again.

Today I am writing PA report, rather slowly, and I am doing the bit about meters and so on first, as I like that. Madame LA said "yuk" when I told her, she hates them. I want to get this whole technical section down this week, so that I can work on modelling stuff, I will do those ones myself, I think. We only have about three weeks to write, and I seem to be the one who will do it. Suzette will do some as well, but I will have to give the headings of what we need for her to fill in. Madame LA has gone home, she said something about not having any food in the fridhe, ha ha, who does?

I am still so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open today - and this even though last night I went to bed at 10 pm and slept fairly much until 7:30 am. Three days in a row of getting up at 6:00 am, after a weekend full of work really did for me. I think it will be another early night tonight, after some stitching on my little HIH piece.
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