Monday, April 09, 2007
Some Photos At Last
First the inscription that Isa Vautier wrote in her new book for me... I must take another photo of the cover of the book, as the one I did take is all blurry:

See the little heart? It is a lovely book, with poetry for each design, and they are all red of course.

Next a nearly finished Point de Reprises:

I have only half a darning square to go! It is the square I have found most difficult, do not know if I will do it today, as I have a stack of work to do.

What have I done for Easter? Very little, I did go to Versailles on Saturday, with some difficulty, as there were buses half way instead of the RER, because of track work. Crowded buses, as every tourist in Paris was on them. And when I got there, could I find the shop? No, not at all, I suspect it was closed and had the shutters drawn down, so I may take a trip back next week. They have a great Saturday market in Versailles, also.

Saturday afternoon I went to Ulla Popken on Boulevard Haussmann (this area was also packed with tourists and their buses, which were making it very difficult to cross the road). I bought a green t-shirt, a pink t-shirt, a very pale pink linen shirt, a black silk t-shirt and a khaki pantacourt. Also ordered a dark brown linen dress that they did not hav ein my size, so I did well. The dress should arrive in about ten days.

On Saturday evening Suzette and I took the train out into the suburbs to have this barbecue at Eliane's chateau. It is a nice area, but of course the house is nothing like as big as it seems to French people - but it's very pleasant, with a garden and a large living room. We ate indoors, as of course it was too cold for anyone French to eat outside, spare ribs and merguez, with salad. Jerry also came, he lives near, and he brought foie gras, Suzette brought a cake and I had brought macaroons from Lenotre, so it was altogether more than I eat in a week. Mike, another friend from work, was there as well, he is staying with Eliane and family for Easter. Of course, at 10pm we all start talking about service agreements, this is what happens when you get a bunch of architects together. Mr Eliane, who is rather charming, did very well not to yawn. I got home at 12:30, not bad, it was pretty quick on the RER and the metro. When I think back to Melbourne, I would never have dared to go on a suburban train after dark, let alone midnight on Saturday!

Then yesterday I went to WH Smith, and bought a stack of books, I finished already the new Penny Vincenzi, "An Absolute Scandal", it's very good. I just love authors who write about normal people like us, and she is so good at people that are just like everyone I know.

Today I have been out to Monoprix and bought veges and a few other things, apart from that have done nothing at all - except that is about to change, I have to prepare for an all day billing workshop tomorrow. This is not going to be great fun, I shouldn't imagine, but I am going to do my best to make the client talk, and hopefully Suzette and I will take notes. I will take our trainee in with us as well, as she can take notes in French. At least this week, there is only tomorrow and Friday for workshops, and Friday will probably be only half a day. If it is, I am decamping in the afternoon, that's for sure, and no guilty conscience, given the hours I have been working. I haven't had a two day weekend for ages until this weekend.

Better go and get my documents out and start reading and memorising...

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