Monday, March 26, 2007
It Will Be A Miracle
If I get any stitching at all done this week! I have spent several hours today, talking in Franch or taking notes while others talk. In between I translate for Suzette.

Tomorrow will be like that also, we are at the client site again, and we have a six hour session (with a break for lunch, thank God) on something I know nothing about. Guess who is presenting it? Yes, moi, and I am still reading my notes and preparing slides, so that I can expose my total ignorance in public in French. What a lucky girl I am! Sometimes I struggle to remember why I wanted to be a business architect and tell people how to set up their electricity billing systems.

But this is par for the course at the beginning of a project, each client is different and we have to learn how they operate and how they can use our system. It just makes it slightly harder when it is also in French. In a week or so I will settle down with this.

Now I have to go and finish my slides for tomorrow. I tell you I will be out of there as soon as decently possible tomorrow and into my bed. Wednesday we have a day at our office to write up and to prepare for Thursday at the client. Then also Friday we are back at our office, to prepare for Monday and Tuesday. Roll on, weekend! Roll on, Easter!
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