Sunday, March 11, 2007
Home Again
Just a quick post to say I made it in one piece. Galatia, our driver, took me to the airport and she was very good, came with me to the check in, as I had three large bags. I was lucky, they didn't make me pay excess, although I must have had 50 kilos. But it was the large plane and only half full, so there wouldn't have been a weight problem at all. Then when I got here, the driver at this end took them up the stairs for me - I live on the fourth floor, no elevator, which is quite common here.

At present my place is in chaos. I have emptied one of the suitcases, and there is a stack of washing, I am on the second load already. I'm also trying to tidy up some of the stash, books etc, etc. And I can't fit anything else in my wardrobe, so at some stage everything will have to come out and be sorted. I am going to be ruthless and get rid of all the things I never wear.

I'm just about to go and do some shopping, then it's back to the tidying and I hope I can stitch this evening. Off to work tomorrow, have to be there by 9am, and I think I get to meet the new client in the afternoon!
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