Saturday, March 03, 2007
Progress on AMAP Point de Reprises
See where I am now - I have three darning squares to go, plus half an alphabet on the left hand side, then it's only the date and the hemstitching around the edge:

Here is a little picture of some darning squares. The one that is not completed yet is a pain!
I think this is a sampler that looks better in real life than in the photos, the colours are unusual, but give a good effect when you see them together. I was doubtful when I started about some of the colours, but now that I have nearly finished, I think it works well.
I hope I'll get there with the darning squares and the alphabet this weekend, but I'm not sure. I am about to take to my bed for an afternoon nap, I think. I went out shopping earlier and feel tired after negiotiating the children, the cars, the cigarettes. It's a pain here that the shops shut so early on Saturdays, it means everyone does all their shopping for the week on Saturday morning. I was only buying mundane stuff like hair conditioner, too.
Yesterday was a very quiet day at work, I sat in our room all by myself, with virtually no interruptions. Just after lunch I went to get a coke from the cantine, and noticed in the office at the other end of the floor, where our client's designers sit, that the Dwarf was there! I thought after his visit a couple of weeks ago that he wasn't coming back, and actually Leo told me there was no need for him to do so, so I don't know why he was there. Looks just as unpleasant as ever. Eliane told me that she saw his project plan for his current project, and it is full of holes.
I left at about 5:30 for once, and in the evening went to Nando's for dinner - we don't have Nando's in Paris, andI like it. I have no great plans for the weekend, even though it is my last in Cyprus. I did all the tourist things back in September, when I also thought it was my last weekend. And it was a better time of year to do them as well. I do have to do some tidying up before packing next week, I have heaps of magazines and paperbacks that don't need to get taken back.
It's going to be so strange being at home all the time and living in my own apartment. Which needs to be thoroughly turned out and cleaned and tidied, since I have spent so little time there over the past two years.
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  • At 4:04 pm, Blogger Kim

    Points des Reprises really is turning out beautifully .I'm working on Point des Reprises as well. I did switch out some of the colors, as they were not showing up on my linen, and I chickened out on some of the brighter colors.. After seeing your photos, I am sorry I switched out. I am looking forward to the darning patterns. Thanks for sharing what you have so far. KimWI

  • At 10:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous

    Great! it is really beutiful! Reminds me of programming languages, assembler, bitmaps and font drawing!!!