Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Sylvain has come and gone, he never spends more than a day here, although, because of the airline schedules, it takes the best part of three days to do that. On Monday we all went to the local cafe for my birthday and sat there until very late. At least I got some sleep after that one.

Sylvain and Leo went up to the big boss here yesterday, and came back saying that he had agreed to release me at the end of next week, I hope it is correct and this is not the start of another fight. I don't mind what the actual decision is, the part that is annoying is if I have to rearrange everything ten times because it changes. Cyprus Airways and the hotel get sick of me, but are very nice about it.

Actually tomorrow on the 1st of March, the other three become part of the new big company (I don't, because France doesn't merge until the end of April), and they will have new titles, new email, new everything. And, since Alec doesn't have a work permit either, he is in the same position as I am, he may need to stay home until he gets it. The new company has strict rules about this, no-one is allowed on site until they have the appropriate paperwork.

Last night I did some stitching for the first time since Sunday, I am pressing on with the darning squares, they are far more time-consuming than they look. I would like to finish them this weekend, but I don't know if this is realistic. I really need to get a move on, because I have so much to do now, and when I go back to Paris, I may not have as much time.

I had Casey on MSN yesterday, she was worried about coming here still, but I don't think she needs to worry, her name wasn't mentioned at all. She also tells me that our colleague Jerry, who is a bit strange, is sort of hitting on her. He has a thing about young Chinese girls, goodness knows why he thinks any of them would be interested in him, as he is the same age as me and not very good-looking, also downright weird in some respects. Apparently he emailed her and asked her out to lunch, she's just ignored it, and he hasn't got back to her, she's rather relieved. I told David, and he said, well, if it was anyone else except Jerry, I wouldn't be worried, but he does have this obsession with young Chinese girls! I've just advised her to continue to ignore his emails, I think he will give up if she does that. Of course in France this isn't actually sexual harassment unless he pounces on her - preferably in the office where everyone can see!

Oh really, David is impossible, he's just said, after about half an hour - is she good-looking? Maybe all men are sleazebags?
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