Thursday, February 15, 2007
Beyond Horrible Day
It has not been good, first I had entirely stupid email from lawyer saying I had to give my passport to the Immigration Department for an unspecified length of time. I think not, as they have lost everything we sent them already. Then she called my hotel, without telling me, asking for them to fax her confirmation that I am staying there. So of course they are confused about exactly who is this woman who rings them up out of the blue and demands this...

Then I get a call from the tax lawyer in Paris to say she has received my cheque, but I forgot to sign it! Oh my goodness, what stupidity! So she arranged for the company to pay for me, and I give them a cheque next week when I am in Paris. But of course the boss had to authorise it, so now he knows that half my brain is missing.

And then I had to go to a two hour meeting with these clients haggling about who is going to pay for what.......... it was awful, and Leo is really cross, because they reneged on something that was decided last year. He is writing them firm mails at present, and is not in a good mood.

One piece of good news is that my little thread order arrived from Sew and So yesterday, and they were kind enough to include a little gift of a coaster that you can put stitching in. I think it's about my fourth or fifth order from them, so it's very nice of them.

I hope I am calm enough tonight to start stitching, it should be fine if only I can start. I just need to survive tomorrow, then it is two days off. Monday is a holiday, but David and I will work, I will take a day off later in the week in Paris.
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