Thursday, February 08, 2007
Awesome Service
I am talking about Sew and So in the UK, I ordered some thread from them yesterday, and I got an email in the afternoon to say that it had been dispatched! Only a spool of perle cotton and three skeins of floss, but even so! This is very good, because it means it should arrive at the hotel early next week.

Last night when I arrived home, "my" cat appeared out of nowhere and sat in front of the door while I inserted my keycard. She bounded up the stairs and waited for me to get out of the lift. She came in with me and sat for a while, then let me know she wanted to go out again. These hotel cats are quite something.

I would be very surprised now if I escape from here at the end of February, as it looks as though they will not go live until May. But it seems there may be movement on the work permit issue, as David just came out of Andy's office and said there were letters permitting the three of us who are not EU citizens to work in Cyprus, and he has gone to the Ministry of Labour to collect them right now. It is in the same street where he lives, so he will not get lost (this is a bit of a danger with David). I called Leo, and he is now calling our rude little lawyer to see what the next step is. Apparently there have been a lot of emails this morning between various parties about the whole thing. I hope these letters are the real thing, last time we had letters like this they related to months already gone past, which wasn't very helpful.

I wonder what time I will escape to night, I am longing to go home and do some more of my AMAP marquoir. But it won't be early, I had to go out to the Post Office earlier, and send a cheque for the first instalment of my taxes to France.
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  • At 4:10 pm, Anonymous Helen Bedel

    Hello Ally, Just discovered your blog, and love your stitching, I'm a KiWi living in Toulouse for the past 8 years, absolutely a fanatic of cross stitch and losing my English -I find myself translating French into English!
    Will email you later on-am at work!! My email