Thursday, February 01, 2007
Back In Nicosia
I made it back yesterday, in fact the flight was relatively pleasant, although it was the little plane. Cyprus Airways seem to have decided that it is best not to put anyone next to me unless it is completely unavoidable. Of course, I was still a nervous wreck afterwards, because of the strain of going through immigration without a work permit, and I slept terribly last night. I feel just OK now, hopefully I will make it through the day. David and I are going out about 7pm for something to eat before he catches his flight.

While I was home, there was no mail at all, I think La Poste must be on strike, this happens quite often - we had a lot last year, because they were remodelling the local Post Office and the staff didn't like it, but I don't know what the reason is now. So I am still waiting for a lot of nice packages to arrive, although naturally I have more than enough to be going on with anyway!

I did do a little on the plane yesterday, of AMAP Point de Reprises, which I have only just started, and am working on the top alphabet. I plan to do the middle section, then the left, then lastly the darning patches on the right. And I am wondering if I can do it all on this trip to Cyprus, I am here until 21 February. After my success with Toccata 1, it may be possible! But I have to finish my scarf as well, I also did some of that on the flight, and I think a few more days of effort should see that done.

One thing I did manage to do in Paris, apart from going to Des Fils Et Une Aiguille was go to Ulla Popken and buy a few new clothes - I got jeans (moi!), beige cotton trousers, and three long-sleeved T-shirts (mauve, pumpkin, and green/cream), all from the new Spring ranges, for less than 200 euros, so I was pretty happy. Especially to find two pairs of trousers that fitted nicely and were the right length exactly. I am glad we have Ulla Popken in Paris, I used to have to go to Belgium or Germany to find them.

Well, I had better try and catch up on things....
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