Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Even More Incredible
Yes, the saga of the French election continues.... we have all of sixteen people who can vote in this office, and it is becoming as lengthy as a Presidential election.

What has happened now, after the candidate objected, was that HR rescheduled the election for Thursday. But then the head vote counter said that, as everyone had voted already, she was going to count the votes and declare the election valid, unless anyone else objected by close of business yesterday. Lo and behold, when I arrive this morning, there is an impassioned email from two French girls saying they did object. So goodness knows what is going to happen now! All I can say is that they must have a lot more spare time than the rest of us. I am not looking forward to going to the office in Paris next week, as everyone will try and tell me at length their version of events, which will be incredibly tedious. Unfortunately this always happens to me, I think my face is too kind, or something. David and Alec are agog, they can't believe the fuss.

On a far more interesting subject, I am now in the middle of the Queen Stitches, I made a supreme effort last night. But goodness, they take me a long time, double-checking that each one is in the correct place, and so on. I hope to finish them today, and start the far more pleasant hemstitch.

I also succumbed and order Toccata 3 with linen and thread from Silver Needle. I tell myself this is a good thing to do while the euro is still at a favourable rate with the USD!
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