Thursday, January 18, 2007
Mind Over Matter
This is what I am trying at present - it seems I have the first symptoms of the plague that is sweeping Cyprus, and I do not wish them to develop. Alec came in for about an hour, then went home again, after finding that both the people he needed had also been sick for three days.

I had a meeting, then went to the Post Office to pay £9 to send my votes for the employee election to Paris by Chronopost. Hopefully they will get there by Tuesday, which is the deadline, in fact they have to be there by midday on Tuesday. I have voted for my friend Eliane as the representative, she is a project leader, and for Loic, one of the younger customer service people, for the deputy. He is nice, much nicer than the horrid old one that I am compelled to deal with all the time - and this horrid old one is also standing! I wonder if anyone will vote for him, he stood for representative last time and got one vote. You would think he would learn from this experience, but I think the reason he stands is that, if people stand for election, they have a certain immunity from being fired for about two years. Although Eliane says that they could be fired if they did something bad enough (poisoned the boss? set fire to the office?), it would just be a bit harder. Anyway I think Eliane and Loic will be a good team to lead us through this fusion with the big company.

Last night I continued with Toccata 1, I'm on square 29 now....
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