Friday, January 12, 2007
Some Progress on Toccata and Work
Today seems somewhat better, although I was feeling depressed this morning about the work permit issue - I haven't heard anything from the new lawyer, I am starting to wonder whether she is any more competent than the old one. I will write to the HR hologram and the Resources Director yet again about it.

Last night I went out again to the buffet restaurant, it is not very crowded even on Thursday, although I think it does a roaring trade at the weekends. The man there is very friendly, and it is cheap, £8.50 for all you can eat. I had a reasonable amount, soup, salad and hot food, although nothing like the towering piles that some people were putting on their plates. Of course, if you have a Scandinavian upbringing, you know not to pile your plate at a buffet - it amuses me, when I go to Denmark, I can always tell the non-Danes by what they are putting on their plate at the smorgasbord restaurants. And it seems that the Cypriots are into full plates as well.

After that I came back home (not very far, the restaurant is only in the next street, and, if it were summer and the hotel swimming pool gates were open, I wouldn't even need to go round the corner to get there), and did Toccata 1. I have now rectified my errors, and made significant progress on the border, and have completed 9 out of 70 little squares! 70 little squares sounds horrific, but 35 of them are letters and numbers, and I don't think there are any of the others that are really difficult. The worst part actually is a part of the border that is Queen Stitches, about 60 of them, I think. I bet I do that last.

Later on, when the crowds have gone, I will take another photo and post that.... although I don't want to be here late. For the weekend, I am planning to work on Toccata and Alpaca Scarf, and not do much else. Nicosia on a wet winter weekend would have to be the most boring place in the entire universe!
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