Thursday, January 11, 2007
I feel somewhat better - David has gone off for a siesta, as their plane tonight is not until 1:00 am, and Alec is playing rather restful music on his PC. I have got someone working on my regression problem, and the CS man has finally been forced to look at our problems instead of writing silly notes.

I also have taken a short break and done a bit more of the Toccata border I have to restitch. There are no clients here at this hour, so it doesn't matter if I do this. In the days of the Dwarf, it would have been a hanging offence, but not now. I may even do some more, although I am not staying past about 7:00 pm tonight, I am trying to get an early start to the weekend, and get some rest.

In the French office we have to have elections, for an employee representative and deputy representative. Which we are supposed to have by law, but have not had for some time, since the previous ones left and resigned. Now, because of the fusion, it would be noticed if we did not have representatives, so there will be an election on 23rd January.

HR were trying to tell me that I needed to return to Paris for the election, since the law provides for the two oldest and the youngest employees to count the votes. Casey is the youngest, she is 30, but I am not one of the two oldest. I believe I am the third oldest, which means that one of the other older ones must be standing for the election, we have not heard of the candidates yet. However, I have said I will not return, as it is just too much to go back for that, and I did vote-counting in any case last time. The next oldest person will have to take my place.

I hate to think who will stand for election, it is very hard, when all the decent people go out on projects and you get left with the drones in the office, who all stand, but couldn't represent anything.... people have until 13th January to sign up, so I guess we find out then.
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