Saturday, December 30, 2006
Saturday in Office
I came here this morning, because it's really the easiest way to access our network, although I can do it from McDo, but that risks to be crowded on a Saturday as well... I should have had a photo of Catherine Agnes and some others as well, but guess what, the camera needs batteries, I'll get them on the way home.

The Ice Age seems to be over, but now it is raining, so I guess we can look forward to a week of that. It seems the top temperature today could be 10 degrees, which is tropical compared with the last week.

I see this morning that Saddam Hussein has been executed, I really have very mixed feelings about this. I know he was a horrible, brutal tyrant, but I think it is going to the same level to kill him, it makes murderers of those who do it. And I'm worried too that Islamists may take some sort of revenge, and there will be more terrorist attacks. However, I guess the problem is, what do you actually do with someone like that? It would be nice to think that he might become reformed and feel remorse and make amends, but realistically I doubt that would happen. So I guess this had to happen, but still.

On more pleasant subjects, I have started the Be Not Afraid Limited Edition tin from Praiseworthy Stitches:

This is extremely nice, much nicer than the picture would have you think, but there was not enough of the red in the kit, I had to find some more, and I doubt that there is enough white either. The border is alternating double back stitch, and I knew exactly how to do this, having done some on Catherine Agnes! I got this kit from SB&B, and I have to say it arrived quickly, they must have had it there, but the postage! Astronomical! However, I wanted this one, and they were the only place I could find it.

I'm trying to get things together for going back to Cyprus in seven days time, kit up several projects and so on, so I don't get bored. But I've still got so much to do at home, and this week I've got to go to the doctor's, hairdressers etc etc. Must have a facial, my skin feels terrible, with all the climate changes, although it doesn't look as bad as it feels. And all the shopping as well... I better get on, I have expenses claims and so on to do.
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