Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Live Theatre
I got up at the crack of dawn this morning, well 7:15, although this was not helped by a very disturbed night, when I woke up at 5:00 am, with my phone on the floor instead of beside me on the bed. I crawled out and went to breakfast, where David joined me looking like death, and wearing Leo's jacket with brass buttons. We got a taxi out to the new office building, for a supposed 9:00 am start of our client's presentation of the new system. It did start by 9:45... of course it was in Greek, so I understood about half, and I had to hit David every now and then to keep him from falling asleep and snoring. It seemed well received, but it went on for three hours!

I now feel incredibly tired, even though I haven't done anything all day. I did look up the opening times for Le Bon Marche, it is not open on Sunday, except for La Grande Epicerie, why did I think it was? I was sure that the signs in the store said "Dimanche 24 decembre"! I am absolutely positive that the other shops I want to go to are open, I got paranoid and looked them all up now.

Last night I all but finished my echarpe harlequin, the ball of wool is quite tiny now, and I should get it done tonight. Severely tempted to go and have extremely large and rich dessert crepes tonight, actually.

We spoke to Leo on the phone, he called to check up on us, and he sounds less subdued than yesterday, which is something.
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