Sunday, December 17, 2006
Some More Finishes and A New Start
I was very industrious yesterday and finished Galons et Bordures, the first photo shows the effect better, I think, but of course the Cypriot sun is playing havoc with the light:

The full size is over 30 centimeters, I think, it could be used for a cushion or a foot-stool:
Also got out my crochet hook and attached the fringe to my Anny Blatt scarf:

And I also got out an Elle Tricote kit I have had for a while (fruit of one of my trips to Le Bon Marche, of course) and started that:

The yarn is Noro Blossom, which is a nice, tweedy, nubbly yarn, with lovely colour changes:

As you see this one is knitted with short rows, so that you form a curved shape which then drapes around the neck:

There are two hanks of Blossom in the kit, and it should be 160 cm long, but I do not think it will take a long time, what I have done so far is the work of maybe an hour last night and a few minutes this morning.

Unfortunately in the news last night and this morning, it warns of terror attacks over Christmas, and I am flying on Saturday. This is horrible, it means that everyone flying is going to be so nervous and upset, and it will be even more stressful than usual. I just wish these people would stop it, no-one is impressed.

The other thing that is bugging me about Christmas is the awful "music", I mean like the tape that the hotel is playing at breakfast, really horrible stuff like "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus" and ghastly versions of virtually every other Christmas song you can think of. Like "Let it Snow", which is simply not going to happen in Nicosia. Actually it is dreadful here at the moment, because there is piped music in the streets, the shops are open even today, and there are people staggering towards their cars with bags of all the most useless junk you can think of, I think every bad taste decoration in the world finds its way to Cyprus. According to Nicky, this has only started happening in the past few years, as in fact, in the Greek Orthodox Church, Easter is more important than Christmas, and there was never any commercialisation. They do have beautiful church services and carols, however, the traditions are very special. It was always traditional to have presents at Easter, so now the children here do well twice a year.

Actually I did send the boys off to Troodos to see snow today, at least I think I did, as I saw one of them at breakfast and he was wondering where they should go. They keep asking about snow and would it be too cold up at Troodos (it should be about 15 degrees at midday, quite sunny, and with light snow on the peaks only), as though it would be an Arctic blizzard, so I think its time they saw the truth for themselves. Neither has ever seen snow, but I think they have watched that documentary about the penguins.

Now I should do a little bit of work for tomorrow, then maybe some shopping, and then go home to do some of the motif Florentin.

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