Thursday, December 14, 2006
Well, our release did not arrive yesterday, David and I sat here until nearly 9pm waiting, then went out to have crepes.......... result was that I went to bed at 1am, which is not really a great idea during the week. At least I did go to sleep, but of course I didn't get up until after 8am.

Now we do have a release, but there are some problems installing it. I can see me working over the weekend on this one, because I have to do regression testing on one huge new thing. They keep on putting new people on coding stuff for me, and it is a nightmare, because I mean very new, straight out of school, with no product or business knowledge. I had to explain in words of one syllable that no, the client did not want to be completely unable to get a Meter Testing report just because one property had no Street Number in the system, especially as the error message they were producing didn't actually say which of the 3000 properties that should be on the report was the one without the Street Number! And, no, the Customer Service Officers were not going to use Oracle SQL Developer to find out which one it was and fix it on the database! Normally I can cope with a certain lack of business knowledge, but this one was just a complete absence of common sense.

Last night I finished the third side of the alphabet on CA, so she is coming along, I even wonder if I could finish her before Christmas, but that will certainly depend upon the testing as well. And a piece of good news, I happened to look in my suitace this morning and found the missing colour of wool for Motif Florentin, it must have just dropped out of the bag, so I can do that this weekend as well. Once I have finished the last bit of Galons et Bordures, it is so close to finished! I am going to have about twelve finishes for 2006, that is pretty good for me, as it has been such an unsettled and busy year.
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