Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Supreme Irony
Yesterday HR - in the person of the Hologram's temporary assistant - decided that they needed to have signed copies of all the letters of assignment, never mind that I gave them a signed copy not long after I started this project. So I get this letter from them which says, among other things, "prompt submission of visa applications is essential, as the consequences of travelling without correct documentation can be severe". Of course, I write back to her saying I assumed this was supposed to be ironical in the circumstances, and now I seem to be in the doghouse for being a meany to HR. Funny, I thought it was the other way around...

Both Alec and I have colds or something, he said he slept for nine hours last night, which is unusual. I also left a heater on all night, which is unusual as well. But I went home, and started shivering madly, so I ran a hot bath (and it didn't seem hot enough), then I even made a cup of camomile tea, because it was the only sachet I had and went to bed really early, about 10 pm. I did another border of Catherine Agnes and finished another spot. Now I have 10 completed spots, guess which ones are left - the one with bullion knots and the one with detached buttonhole bars.

I am not especially looking forward to the flight tomorrow, since I am not feeling great. It is pretty unpleasant having to catch a bus out to the plane and climb up the steps. And I am not really rapt in small planes (it is an Airbus A320), there is not a lot of room. I am fairly sure I will go straight to bed when I get home...
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