Friday, November 24, 2006
Little Change
I changed to the Beta Blogger, although I have done nothing with the template and so on yet, I am a bit frightened to!

We had some bad news yesterday, a colleague in Ireland died very suddenly. He was someone I had only met once or twice, but he was very nice and also had young children. I think he was considerably younger than I am. Very sad, we need nice people like that, and it's sad that someone like that has something so awful happen when a real creep like you know who never even gets a cold. Obviously I don't want people, even like the Dwarf, to die, but it would be kind of nice to think of him slipping on a banana skin and being sore for a while!

I am trying to get out of here early today, not after 8pm like every other day this week, I want to go and buy some magazines to read and some Nandos chicken to eat, then go home and stitch....
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