Thursday, November 09, 2006
A Week To Go
Until I go home for the weekend, that is - I am looking forward to it, even though it means flights, because there should be a lot of mail for me. I should get from Criss Cross Row a parcel with the real Needlepoint Silks for Toccata 1, plus a Whitmans tin. I am really hoping that my Silver Needle things have come - I ordered the Hillside Samplings painted boxes, and one was not in stock. And I also have clothes from Ulla Popken, two pairs of black trousers, a nightshirt, and three tops. And there should be a Traditional Stitches package at work, too. With a new SANQ, I love SANQ!

As usual I have quite a lot of other things to do there, including attending the Veronique de Luna class in Galons Et Bordures - I have not yet had a confirmation, but it may be waiting for me in my mail in Paris. It is 12 hours of classes in two days, so I will be tired after that, for sure. And it takes a while to finish the piece at home, I think Cluny took me about thirty hours, and Petit Point was a long, long time. I am glad to be in Cycle Two now, and I will be doing Motif Florentin in December. That is only six hours. It is on the Sunday following our work Christmas party, which actually I am not sure I want to go to.

I am still in the middle of Additional Load, at least I am now working with a designer in Singapore who knows what he is talking about. I'm afraid that yesterday I was very bad and sent a semi-letter-bomb to one who wrote and told me that my requirement was wrong because he'd asked the others and no-one could remember this one. Of course not, because it was new.... we'd only just expressed it and we'd asked him to get on with it, not say he'd never heard of it! Today's experience is much happier, we are working away quite happily by exchange of email. Unlike David, who has been in a three hour phone conversation with his designer. He has now gone to gaze upon the fishnet stockings of the users as some sort of compensation.

Leo has just asked me to write him an email he can forward to the HR Hologram, regarding my business class airfares... I doubt that they will end up paying them, but still, let's hassle the Hologram. I had better stop and do that, how I wish I could go home and do some more of Mary's Pin Pillow!
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