Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Sunshine At Last
Well, the rest of the weekend was a compete washout, it rained practically continuously and certainly every time I wanted to go anywhere. Plus it is none too warm in the apartment, I actually wished I had my doona socks (literally the are socks made of doona fabric, I look like an alien wearing them, but they are good for times when your feet are cold).

I did not do well with QOTN, I am now engaged in unpicking what I have done of the crown because I just don't like the one over one that I have done. I am not redoing it, I think I will put something else there. It's called personalisation :)

I've had two quite bad nights in a row, what with QOTN, my still non-existent Cyprus work permit, the takeover business and a pesky thing called Additional Load that has turned out to be bigger than Ben Hur. I am beginning to think that Mr New HR Man is actually a hologram, as he doesn't return my phone calls or answer my emails. Ditto for Mr Resources Director in London. Leo has put my work permit issues in the weekly report as a risk and a make or break issue. After all, we are not going to get very far with Additional Load if I am in jail, are we?

This morning has brought some relief in the form of sunshine, and also a parcel I picked up at the Post Office after breakfast. Two Q snap frames, 20 gold needles, some petite needles, some WDW and GAST and two Trilogy charts. I am in love with the Trilogy and Heart in Hand. There will be hearts everywhere before I am finished! Mostly pink ones of course...

Last night I did start Mary's Pin Pillow, a little biscornu from Indigo Rose. And the fact that the Q snaps have arrived means that I can start Catherine Agnes as well. I want to use Q snaps for that, given that it has needleweaving and so on. I normally stitch without these days, for smaller pieces, and use the scroll frames for larger pieces (it's a pain mounting into them, although they are wonderful to use, and I do have the very nice wooden ones).

Let us hope the sunshine keeps up - there was a rumour that there would be snow in Nicosia this week. The poor little boys from Singapore are frozen to the bone and keep on saying how severe the winter is here, so let us hope their next posting is not Duluth, Minnesota! They have never seen snow, and they are torn between wanting to go up to Troodos and see the snow that fell at the weekend, and fear that they might actually freeze to death there.
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