Sunday, October 29, 2006
Sunday Morning
Yesterday was a public holiday here - one of those ones where everyone from the National Guard commando squad to the Brownies puts on their uniforms and marches through the main streets. I saw quite a lot of the march, as I got trapped on the wrong side of it when I went to buy newspapers. Of course, that was all I could buy yesterday, as practically all the shops were closed. I really want to buy some shoes, and simply haven't been able to. I only have sandals down here, and it will soon be a little too cool for them in the evenings.

Wintertime started today, so I was up quite early for a Sunday and having breakfast just after 8:00 am. On my way back to the apartment, I saw some people swimming in the pool, I think they are Eastern Europeans, these ones, I have seen them at breakfast before, but been unable to identify what language they are speaking. I might actually swim this afternoon of the weather holds up - we have had a fair amount of rain over the past few days, which is actually good, it may fill up the dams a bit, so that we don't need to import water from Greece next year.

Given that yesterday was a non-event, as far as any shopping etc was concerned - even the hotel gym was closed - I did quite a bit of stitching, including most of the Pretty in Pink biscornu kit from Indigo Rose. I still have to make 8 tassels and put it on its pedestal, so I won't post a photo until then. Pinkophobics will hate it - actually my sister is pinkophobic, which is a pity, as she would look lovely in pink, and I know she would look at this and writhe in pain. So I will just remind the pinkophobics when they see it, that part of the profits are donated to breast cancer research!

Actually I was going to take some photos of the new GNAA squares, but have been foiled by discovering that Andy is here. Most unusual to see one of the clients in the office on a Sunday, Andy is the only one who would ever come in on a non-work day. You wouldn't see Rosetta here any time that she didn't have to be. But it means I can hardly whip out knitted squares and a camera, so I will have to wait until he goes home and post them later.

The other thing I am waiting for is David's latest instalment of the blog of Rodrigo the Rat. Rodrigo the Rat is the Dwarf's pet and he comments on aspects of life in Cyprus, together with his views on the imbeciles that the Dwarf is forced to work with. That is to say, Ally, David, Alec and Nicky. It is set slightly in the past of course, but it is totally hilarious, the more so because a rat is the last pet that one would ever have. He is obsessive about cleanliness, to the point of OCD, we think, and washes his hands about 100 times a day. He even hates cats, and thinks that, apart from being unclean, they are very stupid. A view that he was unwise enough to share with Big Boss from London, who is a noted cat lover and chooses restaurants to dine at when he is in Cyprus by the number of cats likely to be present.

I did get email from work to say that as of November 6th, there will be further restrictions on hand luggage when travelling. From that time, we will be forced to put all our liquids, none of which may be more than 100 ml, in a single plastic bag of 20 x 20 cm. This has to be handed separately to the security control officers at the airport. As I habitually travel with a huge amount of makeup, perfume, etc, and it is all in my handbag, because that is where I keep it, this is going to be a complete pain. Just another thing to make life difficult for those of us who are forced to travel by air for business. Believe me, if Cyprus wasn't an island, I would be taking the train. These days, I would never take a flight in mainland Europe.

Well, I had better do some work, and wait until Andy goes, so I can take those photos.
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