Monday, October 23, 2006
Beyond Bizarre
On Saturday I said to a man who had parked his car on the footpath, so that I had to step out on the road to progress around it, "don't you think you are being a little selfish parking like that?" He gave me a filthy look, and said, "what else am I to do? there are double yellow lines on the road". Typical Nicosia, everyone drives everywhere here and parks where they like. They hardly ever get fines, because there aren't enough traffic wardens, and actually police cars are the worst offenders.

Actually I think most Cypriots have lost the use of their legs, it's pretty sad. I arrived at the same time as one of the users today, and she expressed great concern at seeing me on foot. I'm only coming from the Cleopatra, I said, but she seemed horrified by the thought of walking so far. It takes about six or seven minutes....

I did not have a great weekend, I was really upset about the whole visa issue. Leo has phoned our company lawyer, and he is allegedly working on it, but the lack of response from HR or the Resources Director has been mindboggling. I wonder what they would do if we were really in a tight spot. I would really like to arrange for the Dwarf to be kidnapped by hostile Bedouin tribesmen, then HR could ignore him when he screamed for help.

David just pointed out that Bedouins were not normally hostile, but I told him everyone was hostile when dealing with Dwarf. Actually he tried to Skype me when I was in Paris, but I have now blocked him from contacting me. He was on to David, and he wanted information that he can use for his new project. What a nerve! What was he going to say to me - "sorry I tried to wreck your career by telling everyone in public that you were a useless architect, but now I'd really like to plagiarise the useless decision sheets you did."

However I did finish the fourth square of the GNAA (Deborah Newton) and I have started on Elise Duvekot, square five, which is a square knitted in the round. It is the first multi-colour one. I also finished the chain stitch on Partita and started sewing the two halves together. Very stupidly I left my camera at home today, because I did take photos yesterday. I was intending to post them yesterday as well, but the whole of Cyprus had no internet access for most of the day, as there was a power failure at the CYTA international transmissions station near Paphos. It affected everything, my friend on the front desk at the hotel was having a fit because he couldn't do any credit card transactions, the machine uses a link to the UK for authorisations. Lucky it wasn't a shopping day, there would have been chaos.

I'm trying to do a lot of testing today, we have had a delivery finally (they sent us the wrong thing on Friday night, and at about 9pm too, you can imagine how happy we were). And then when I go home, I am going down to the gym. When I was in the bar yesterday, in my abortive attempt to use the internet, I saw a notice saying they had powerplate in the gym now, so I want to try this out, plus I need to do some exercise anyway.
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