Friday, October 13, 2006
Friday and I have to leave for Nicosia on Sunday.... I came back to La Defense this afternoon, because I had to do some things out here and collect my air ticket anyway, also it was so hot in the rue Washington offices that I couldn't breathe. Derek went home with gastro, I sincerely hope I do not get this. Apparently Casey had it last week.

I think there will be said things on Monday about this team, and it is going to be mostly Casey who is the problem, she is so young and inexperienced, at the same time extremely confident and with a very loud voice. She will ask me questions at the top of her voice, and it is plain from them that she has no idea about the industry or the system. Actually she asked me the other day if it was legal to apply late payment charges to unpaid bills. Well, yes. She is not the only one, there is another guy who has not impressed, he is a technical one, and doesn't speak French at all. Gil told me the partner and the client have some concerns about the level of the staff we have provided. I gather they don't extend to me, but even so, I am suffering a bit from imposter syndrome. Every time someone asks me a question about billing or whatever, I tend to turn around and look for Alec.

It is very, very weird going from being the project baby (albeit in the "retirement home", as the Cyprus project is called) to being the sage... I can only take small doses of this.

I absolutely need to sleep tonight, tomorrow I have to do one million things, including the hairdresser, and I am flying on Sunday.

Have nearly finished Partita - chain stitch over two threads with Soie Perle is not that much fun, although it is much easier if you draw a thread and do it in the ditch.
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