Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Culture Shock!
Yes, at working in Paris again, this really is quite hard in some ways. I have so far tested 3 ways of getting to work (metro and two different busses), and the quickest way is the most unpleasant. That is the metro, of course, I hate being underground and I hate the crush.

It's also hot both at work and at home, which I don't like, and I'm having a hard time getting used to doing cooking, housework and ironing again. My American colleague, Jerry, who is in the Middle East, told me that I am a spoiled princess. But I will forgive him, as the Dwarf, no less, has arrived on his project, as a sort of extra project manager, and this is causing some grief to Jerry. He is not happy at all! I have said to him, couldn't he tie the Dwarf to a runaway camel, or something?

I have been incredibly busy, plunged straight into all sorts of things here, a full load of meetings and documentations, and I have been writing powerpoint slides in French, which is fun. They get "improved" by a French guy from our partner, but he says they are quite good.

I have been doing very little embroidery, but I am nearly at the end of QOTN, side 1 - I need to do six roses and four eyelet flowers on the front flap. Which I have actually found quite difficult, I miscounted nearly everywhere and had to redo several things. Last night I put a butterfly in completely the wrong place - fortunately noticed this before I did it's mirror image partner, so it wasn't two wrong butterflies.

I am longing for the weekend, so that I can get some sleep and get organised.
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