Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Supernatural Being
That's me, evidently............. the powers that be think I can be in two places at once, they have double-committed me for next week! Oh my goodness! So I still don't know whether I should be in Cyprus or in Paris, it is being decided by a Vice-President this afternoon, as the two projector directors concerned have just had words, and the resources director is going to have a nervous breakdown.

It's marginally cooler here today, that is, the forecast was for only 37 degrees as opposed to 39 (which really means 45), so it may actually be below 40 degrees. Last night was relatively cool, and I had dinner out by the swimming pool at about 9pm, there was a really great breeze, and it felt like normal weather.

I went in after that and did some more QOTN, I've started the top lines of lettering (above the Italian crosses), and I did two small yellow butterflies. The flowers underneath the Rhodes Hearts are painful, just two or three stitches with each colour. The effect is pretty, but it makes me long for the AMAP Quaker and all that one colour stitching!

On the whole, am feeling pretty good, as I have solved two huge problems today. We were also scheduled to have a huge meeting with Rosetta and Andy, but Rosetta is sick, so that got postponed. We are trying to decide whether to go out for my farewell dinner tonight....... I wish they would let me know what is going on.
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