Saturday, August 26, 2006
Saturday Tour to Villages
It can be rather complex to get around Cyprus if you don't drive.......... today I got a taxi to the Hotel Miramare in Limassol at 8:00am and admired the facilities there (very nice, I should have booked that one when I went there at Easter) before a bus of French and Belgian tourists came to pick me up at 9:15am.

We went first to the village of Monagri for breakfast, then on to a Commandaria winery for tasting.

On to Omodos, a little village with a specialty of needle-made lace. Of course the shop with the nicest lace was held by a little old man, who actually groped my breast and tried to get me to go into the back of his shop to taste some special wine! I bet! I would have hit him if he hadn't been so old and frail looking. Lunch was in a restored old house in Vouni, another village, quite atmospheric for a tour group place.......... I've had much better meze though.

After lunch we went to Kourion, the amphitheatre and some mosaics. It was terribly hot, but the theatre (sorry, its not actually an amphitheatre, because it's not a full circle, I was forgetting). Back to Limassol and another taxi, arriving back in Nicosia at 6:00pm.

There's no tours from Nicosia, because it's not a tourist destination, not being by the sea or anywhere picturesque......... tomorrow I am going to get up even earlier and take a jeep safari in the Troodos, again from Limassol.
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