Saturday, August 05, 2006
Week One of Vacation Finished
Well, a week is over already, not that I had a full week because of the Monday thing at the Prefecture and then having to finish my work afterwards.

I've just checked my work email, I got 46 since Wednesday, which was the last time I checked. It sounds like Leo and David are having a very strange time without me, Alec and Nicky, they both sent me crazy emails............. not a peep out of Nicky, I hope everything is OK for him in Belfast. He did say he would hire a car and go touring at the weekend. He is sharing a flat with an American guy who is rather loud, although basically goodhearted, so I hope he is not feeling overwhelmed.

This week I did not do much - I have been to the Waou Club at Bercy twice, I have been to Brussels for the day (although not to Craft Corner, as they are closed for the whole of August!), I have tidied up a bit at home, I have bought a few books and stitched a little, I have taken out a subscription for epilation and been epilated at BodyMinute.

Today I intend to do some shopping at the Parapharmacie, Pharmacie and Sephora. I have a 10% card that arrived in the mail, you get this when you have 150 points on your Sephora card, so I always use these to buy perfume and other stuff that's quite expensive, moisturiser and so on.

Then I will go home and do some more tidying up, I still have to go through all the old clothes and decide what to keep. In some ways it would be nice to keep everything for ever, but I would need so many closets it would be unreal. My apartment is starting to look semi-tidy, maybe by the end of the holidays it may be possible to photograph it, for those who wish to see what a 29 square meter apartment in Paris is like. I should photograph the view anyway, as it is not everyone who can see the Tour Eiffel from their room.
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