Saturday, July 22, 2006
Last Saturday in Cyprus
Before the holidays anyway........... of course I have had to spend it tidying up in the apartment. I am so bad at housework that I think the landlady will complain and get it cleaned again anyway, but at least I have removed some of the dust. If you have a dust phobia, I wouldn't recommend moving to Cyprus, as it is unavoidable, and not just on the days when everything turns red because of what wafts over from Egypt and you can't go out if you have asthma.

In Paris I will have to remove the dust that comes from the apartment not being occupied for the best part of a year, but that won't be too bad, at least the apartment there is small. It's an advantage to have a small place in Paris, as you can enjoy the city instead of spending your time cleaning, also it saves on the habitation tax. I only pay about 150€ a year in my place for that tax, plus I pay the tv tax, about 114€, along with it. France is full of people who pay cash for their tv, since the shops forward the names of tv buyers to the tax authorities. It's really silly, because they have inspectors who find out these people anyway, and they get a fine.

Actually I don't feel too bad, after my first entirely dwarf-free week since last July......... I am really hoping that he will not be back next week, but I know the lease on his apartment is until the end of July and he doesn't have anywhere else to live.........
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