Sunday, July 16, 2006
I feel quite rested, I am in the office, but not working, just catching up on administrative stuff. I've just sent my sister a long email and tidied up part of my desk (it's an extremely large table, with several piles of stuff dating from various epochs of this project).

On Friday I went home in a state practically of collapse at 3:30pm, I really couldn't stay awake any longer. So I slept for two hours and got woken up by the resources manager from London, who asked me to come back here after the holidays for two or three weeks. Until the French project begins. Bang goes my fourth week of holiday, but I knew this would happen. I wouldn't have said yes if the Dwarf had still been here, but I like Leo, so it's OK. Plus the lease on my apartment is up mid-August, so I hope that means I can stay in a hotel with swimming pool for two or three weeks. I may even try to get them to pay a business class airfare, but they may refuse that on principle.

During those two or three weeks, I have to hand over to Alec, which is a bit like teaching my grandmother to suck eggs. Then I go off to be a functional architect on this new French project, along with Gil and some guy from South Africa, who is an XAI expert, but does not speak French. This will be interesting, it will be the first time I get to do actual rates and billing, I assume I will have a lot to do with them, even though it will be Gil who is the lead architect.

By the by, the resources manager did tell me that now they are keeping a close eye on the Dwarf, so it seems our complaints have not fallen entirely on deaf ears. Nicky and I have always been amazed that the management has shown so much favour to someone new to the company, and with all these defects (rude, incompetent, psychotic etc), and ignored what trusted, long-term employees (all of us) have said. Maybe now they are seeing sense, but I think it is only that Leo has come and pointed out to them several disaster areas that is having this effect. I told resources manager that I would never work with the Dwarf again in any circumstances.

After that, the weekend could only get better.......... I watched "Wuthering Heights" (a 1980 version with no-one I recognised in it) and finished the centre of the Green Usak on Friday night, then slept late on Saturday morning. Into the old town to have lunch with David and his family (who are here for the weekend) and Nicky. Then Nicky and I walked back out to the new town and nearly expired from heat stroke, it was 39 degrees. Today is just as hot.

So I slept after that, and got up to tidy the flat and do some Lefkaritika, I did quite a bit of four-sided stitch on Lefkaritika 2. And I've taken out another UFO, "La Ruche" from "La Garrigue". I cannot find a picture of this anywhere, but it is a beehive with flowers and bees, including rather large bumble-bees on wires that get attached at the end. Of course I bought it because I liked these, and I didn't realise how boring a fairly large brown hive would be to stitch. The flowers will be much more fun. And in fact, with the brown, there wasn't even enough in the kit, but it was just DMC 380, so of course I had this. I've nearly finished the largest brown bit, so maybe this will speed up progress now.

This morning I got up about 9am and got here by 10am, so in fact I am ready to go out and have some lunch, then go home and have a rest.......... I will just make it through the week if I get enough rest at the weekend. This project has been so tiring, unlike any other I've ever been on, I am always totally exhausted. I think it will be better when I get back to Paris and I can go to the gym again, swim every day during the holidays if I want to and walk on the treadmill.
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