Monday, July 03, 2006
Quick Monday Post
I am recovering from an onslaught of questions today....... Nicky has just gone out to get the afternoon coffees, and I am waiting for him to get back. For Anne, re Nicky, yes, you're probably right, but it's hard when, in our real lives, we live on opposite sides of the world.... and, while we're here, we just work all the time.

Marlon is an idiot, he did not do a dry run on Friday on the test database of his training material, so I got a panicked call from David, who was in the the room with him, to come and rescue them when they were getting errors. I charge off and instantly identify the problem as being a missing program, which would have been noticed on a dry run. I can't believe a trainer would just go into the room and wing it like that.

It was evidently a stressful morning for David, he has asked Marlon five times this afternoon if he plans to do a dry run before tomorrow's session. And he has just been singing "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" at me in a really bad French accent, so he has totally flipped.

Apart from my rescue mission, I have just answered questions all day today, there are two guys in Singapore that are driving me mad, in one case with questions about the internal workings of a Cobol program that he himself wrote.

I wonder what time I can escape tonight.........I want to go home, I got out a UFO last night that I was without fail going to finish down here, and, now it's only a month to go, and I haven't even touched it. It's a rather nice needlepoint cushion called "Green Usak" from Russell House Tapestries, and it was quite expensive at Celimene Pompon in Paris, so I would like to get it done and made up. But I kind of lost interest, because it is all tent stitch, and I prefer a variety of stitches for canvaswork.
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