Tuesday, June 27, 2006
I did a lot of tsimbi last night! Here is the corner of Lefkaritika 1, where I finished the third side (short) and turned into the fourth side (long) last night. You can see how the piece is pinned and how the two threads used to add bulk to the buttonhole edging are also stretched out and held with a pin:

And a close up of the corner, I hope it gives a better idea of the tsimbi:

Here is the piece pinned onto the padded board, I guess this is about 35 x 25 centimeters, although I have seen them smaller than this:

And a close up of the edge where it is rolled up and pinned to the board to keep it out of the way (don't want it trailing in the dust, as you sit outside your house in Lefkara!):

And the good news is I am going to Lefkara on Saturday, our taxi driver will take me in the morning and bring me back in the afternoon. I am really looking forward to this! I will try and take lots of photos and post them, so everyone can see what Lefkara is like. I don't intend to buy any more embroideries, although you never know. It would be nice to get some linen and coton perle if they have this, there must be a shop somewhere in Lefkara that sells the raw materials.

I did stay up until 12:30 last night doing tsimbi, which wasn't really a good idea - when I got to bed, I was so enervated that I couldn't sleep, and of course I had to get up at 7:30 am, so I am quite tired now. David also says he couldn't sleep last night. I think the simple fact is that both of us are overdoing it madly at work and not getting enough rest and relaxation. He's talking about taking some vacation and bringing the family over for a week to see Cyprus. Hope he brings the dog, she's cute and I adored her when I went to Israel for the weekend last year.

All the clients have disappeared to some meeting, D is in his office glowering (he has shaved his head completely and looks like a miniature and bad tempered Yul Brynner, deeply unattractive), Marlon appears to be asleep, Leo is making humph noises, Alec, David and I are working hard (I am running batch jobs and doing this in the gaps). So far no-one has thought of calling Nicky in Chicago! I am missing him quite a lot actually.

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