Thursday, June 22, 2006
Quiet Thursday AM
This morning I didn't get up until 7:15, then I went down to Eleftheria Square and bought papers at the kiosk, and picked up a taxi to go to the big Post Office to get a parcel from Criss Cross Row and on to work. The taxi driver was sweet, he told me he had spent over two years in Melbourne (which he liked) and over two years in Sweden (which he hated). I guess Sweden is one of the more un-Cypriot places I can think of. I'll miss the Cypriots when I go back to Paris.

The parcel had two skeins of Soie Cristale for an Indigo Rose Biscornu, and some R&R Reproductions 40 count Creme Brulee linen - this is the first time I've ordered R&R, and, to be honest, I'm not sure I would again. It's kind of a murky, mottled colour, and was really rather expensive for what it is. We'll see how I go stitching on it!

Got here at 8:30 am, no sign of anyone - Leo went home last night, Nicky is on a plane to Chicago - Alec has arrived, also Marlon, our trainer, who is here and is doing some testing for me, very, very slowly. No sign of David, he was probably up late last night, and watching soccer. D is here, looking thunderous, he went out yesterday, coincidentally at the time when his country was playing in the World Cup, and came back two hours later, looking depressed. They lost, ha ha, I am now a firm supporter of the team that beat them.

Marlon has just told me there is a huge error in what's been delivered for one of my major developments. I am quite sick about this. If he's right, then I can't see what the programmers actually did. If he's wrong, then I don't trust what he's doing. It is a big worry with such a huge thread, I have to have a lot of help with the testing, but, like they say, it is hard to get good help.

I don't want to spend all weekend here. In fact, one of the weekends before I go from here - and I am assuming that it will be the end of July, and that I will be on a different project come September - I am going to ask Galatia, the taxi driver, to take me to Lefkara and spend the day there and look at all the shops and the museum and have lunch.

We are all longing for D to go, and we still don't know when it will be, we are hoping next week. It's unlikely that he will say anything to us, as no-one is really on speakers with him at present, and there won't be any sort of farewell party or drinks, as you would normally have - since no-one wants to spend even a minute with him.

Oh well, back to the grindstone, must check up on Marlon's activities, try and verify his testing.
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