Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Paris Invaded By Cattle!
After the ones yesterday at La Defense,I have seen these ones today at Opera:

I do not know what the cow thing is in aid of, but it's obviously some organised artistic expression, given that I have seen them in two places now.

I am totally exhausted, as I had to stand outside the police station of the 17th arondissement in beating sunshine for two hours before they would let me in to get my recipisse. They were letting in five people at a time, so I assumed the locale was very small, so I was astounded when I got in and found a cool, spacious room with many rows of chairs for those waiting to see the staff! Once there, racism operated and the blonde middle-aged lady with the Chanel necklace and the decent handbag got seen before the black and Asian people who formed the rest of the queue. This always sickens me in French government offices, but there's nothing I can do about it - if you protest, they send you away and don't allow you back in!

The bad news is, I am not allowed to fly back until Friday, Sylvain has confirmed this meeting with the potential French client for Thursday lunchtime. Leo doesn't know this yet, although I just spoke with Nicky and David on the phone, they were fairly confident he would go ballistic. He is in a terrible position, as all of D's mistakes are coming home to roost.

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