Sunday, June 04, 2006
AMAP Quaker Pochette - Stitching Finished!
And here are the pictures to prove it:

It is on 28 count "dirty linen" with DMC 814, and I used five skeins of that. It's a bit larger than the model which was on a finer count, but not much larger, only a centimeter each way in it, I think. Not sure if I will make the rest of the set, scissors pouches and so on, we'll think about that one. Especially as I am going to do Couleurs des Fées, the Quaker Flowers, soon.

I did't quite finish it while watching the Great Escape, I had to do a little bit when I got out of bed this morning. Then I had shower, got dressed and went to Starbucks where I trimmed and folded the edges, so that it is all ready to have the lining put it when I have bought the material for that. It is so cute and so little!

At Starbucks, I was sitting stitching and along comes Nicky. "That doesn't look like Lefkaritika", he said, he is Cypriot, but a male nevertheless. He was funny, he wouldn't sit and have his coffee with me, he went with his computer and sat at another table, then somewhat later he came and sat down and talked for ages, by that time I was doing Lefkaritika, nearly the last four-sided stitch on Lefkaritika 1. After that I had to come here, after all I had spent from 9am to 11am in Starbucks sewing, so alas, the testing database calls.

David called Nicky while I was there, he plans to come to work after he flies in tonight, like 9pm, and he wants Nicky there as well. As he will stay until about 2am, Nicky is not real keen, as he said, at least one of us has to be awake tomorrow. We are all just praying that Colonel Klink (I just realised that actually D looks exactly like him, only somewhat shorter) will not make any speeches tomorrow. If he does, Rosetta is likely to go berserk, followed shortly by me.

In fact, I told David last week after D's latest public attack that any more of that and I would be on the next plane to Paris to see my lawyer. This was intended to be conveyed to D, and I believe it has been. He fulminated to David about how traitorous and disloyal I was when I failed to agree with him in last Monday's meeting - this is nonsense, not least because those who scream at their fellow workers in public do not deserve our loyalty. Mine is to the client, to help them get the system they need and deserve, and to our company, to ensure that its product is properly implemented and that its reputation remains high, not to a nasty little man who needs about ten years at charm school.

Here, by the way, it is at least 40 degrees, and the airconditioning in the office is not working - do not know why, I flicked the switches and nothing happened. So I have opened all the windows, and from time to time pour water over myself as well as drinking large quantities of it.

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