Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Tuesday AM
So much for my dream of going home at a reasonable hour this week, last night it was 8.30 pm, and I had been here since 8 am. Today I got here at 7.15 am!

The reason for this is that in theory our core team of users should do testing from tomorrow, but there are still some issues with configuration and custom developments. And our beloved D has managed to upset everyone yesterday with his oh so charming manner, so it looks as though the users may not be willing to go ahead. David and I are slaving to rescue this situation, I have spent two hours with Rosetta this morning - she screamed at D yesterday, I think she hates him also. I certainly do, after yesterday's performance, and actually I spoke to our HR person in London today about him. We are all so relieved that he will be going soon, but there isn't a firm date yet, it is just "in June".

Of course I didn't do any stitching much last night, given the hour at which I got home, really this is not good. When I think of my previous project and Roddy, he had us all working until midnight sometimes in perfect harmony and good humour, and somehow we all managed to have personal lives as well. But I guess Roddy is a human being, while D is not!

Some views from my balcony here:

This is downtown Nicosia! I am five minutes (leisurely) walk from Eleftheria Square or Makariou Avenue. These were taken on Sunday afternoon, when it was still and hot, and all of Nicosia was asleep...
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