Monday, May 29, 2006
AMAP Quaker Pochette Pictures

This is becoming addictive, here is the AMAP Quaker Pochette, the first picture shows the right flap and part of the centre. The second picture is the middle, which forms the back and front covers of the pochette. The third one is the left hand flap, as yet unfinished, and I have now got to the part where the chart is incorrect. It is possible to tell from the picture on the front of the packet what it should be, but I downloaded it from the AMAP website, where there are corrections for a few charts where there are errors. That one is a bit blurry unfortunately, I was just taking these ones late last night with the piece lying on the ironing board.

In fact I did most of this left flap this weekend, there is something to be said for days that are so hot that I cannot even go outside. I did a bit of Lefkaritika one as well, but nothing on Lefkaritika 2. So I have to make that the priority for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings, before the lesson on Thursday.

This week I am going to try and leave work at a reasonable hour every night, not later than 7.30pm. Last week and the week before, in fact, the whole time since coming back from Agia Napa, I have been so totally sick, I have never had a cold in my life before that lasts for two weeks. I think it was a combination of several factors - two weekends in a row (Paris, Agia Napa) where I had no rest, I hadn't been eating anything for weeks, plus the whole stress thing with D. I've been semi-stressed ever since last year when he accused me in front of the whole team of being a hopeless architect who was putting the whole project in jeopardy. This is not true, of course, and everyone knows it is not true, but it is still very stressful to have to go through that sort of thing.

So I am going home at a normal time (only 10 or 10.5 hours per day instead of 11.5!), and I am taking iron supplements, and I will have my new specs tomorrow, which may help with the eye tiredness. Plus I will try and eat something, even if only bread and cheese, at night.

I'm torn between longing for the summer holidays when I can rest, and not longing for them, because I'm not sure if I will be coming back here afterwards. I wasn't supposed to be, but Leo says there's so much work here that I am necessary. However no-one has told me definitely either way, and I may not know until five minutes before where I am going to be. Of course I would quite like to come back here, I like working with Nicky, Alec and David. Especially Nicky, of course.
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